Statements of Support (2003-2013) / Woldseth, Karin MEP

“The Khodorkovsky case is an iconic example of what has become a systematic problem. A decade after his imprisonment, Mikhail Khodorkovsky remains the symbol of defiance and a victim of injustice.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky,

You are turning 50 this year; you will have spent 10 years behind bars as a political prisoner. This is unacceptable, particularly in a member state of the Council of Europe. I, and many others here, at the Parliamentary Assembly, continue to speak out against your on-going persecution and in favour of your freedom. As a chair of Norwegian delegation I am pleased that we were able to sponsor the Russian Visionaries exhibition which featured you and other Russia’s moral leaders. Hopefully you will soon be free and able to visit here in person, because I believe Russia and Europe will benefit from your vision of issues. I wish you good health, strength and above all freedom in this landmark year. Thank you.”

Karin Woldseth MEP, leader of the Norwegian delegation to PACE, speaking in an interview as part of the Decade of Injustice video series to mark the 10th anniversary of Khodorkovsky’s arrest, October 2, 2013