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When dealing with the Russian political scene, every week is a busy week. We’ve collected some of our highlights from the past two weeks to paint you a picture of what the Russian opposition is up to and how it’s tackling issues across the country. Check it out below.

The Kremlin’s War on the Internet: If You Can’t Beat Them, Ban Them

On Sunday July 23 Russians came out en masse to stand up against internet censorship.  The Kremlin is well on its way to introducing legislation that will make freedom of expression on the internet practically impossible.  Check out our summary of events here.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky: “There Will Be No Revenge, But There Will Be Retribution”

July 17 marked the three-year anniversary of the tragedy of MH17, a civilian airliner that was shot down over Eastern Ukraine on its way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.  Mikhail Khodorkovsky expressed his thoughts on the issue, stating that in order to achieve justice, individuals must be brought to account for their involvement.

“We Must Cut the Head Off This Corrupt System”

Can a post-Putin Russia really liberate itself from corruption? How can this tremendous task be achieved? Is revolution the only way? Mikhail Khodorkovsky speaks to Reinhard Veser from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung about how the Putin regime will fall, and how to cut the head off the country’s endemic corruption.

Our Message to President Donald Trump: Don’t Be Charmed by Putin. His Days in Power Are Numbered.

On July 7-8 all eyes were fixed on Hamburg for the G20 summit, and the most anticipated handshake of the year: the official meeting between president Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. We issued a warning to Donald Trump: don’t fall for Putin’s charm, for him, American can only play the role of a “convenient enemy”.